No-Show Bootcamp

Dramatically Reduce Your No-Show Rates

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Tired of High No-Show Rates?​

Our 12-week No-Show Bootcamp is specifically designed to help practice & CHC leaders like you take control of your scheduling, boost revenue, and improve patient relationships.

Receive expert, personalized, and actionable guidance and support from our team of professionals – each of whom has been in your shoes, working on the front lines in healthcare.

Our Flexible Pricing Options

  1. A one-time investment of $16,480.
  2. A reduced rate of $8,840 plus 15% of additional revenue generated over the first twelve months as a direct result of implementing the program and reducing your No-Shows.

What’s Included?​

Our No-Show Bootcamp is dedicated to helping you dramatically reduce No-Show rates within your organization. Throughout this 12-week program, you will receive everything you need to reduce your No-Shows, take control of your scheduling, boost your revenue, and build better relationships with patients.

Kick Off Session​

Our engaging 4-hour kick-off session is designed to help identify the cause of your no-shows.

Custom Needs & Opportunities Analysis

After learning about your health center, we’ll create a custom needs and opportunities analysis.

Personalized Recommendations

We’ll outline personalized recommendations for your health center and its staff to improve no-show rates.

Practical Skills Training

Our trainers will work directly with your team to teach the practical skills necessary to reduce your no-shows.

Weekly 1-Hour Check-Ins

Each week, we’ll meet with your team to see how things are going, coach new skills, and make any adjustments.

Sustainability & Performance Session

After 12 weeks, our final 4-hour closing session will focus on how your center can continue to improve and sustain performance over time.